Analyzing and Improving Your Herd

with Tim Baumgartner

September 24, 2011

A gathering of breeders of Milking Devon, Kerry, Ayrshire and Dutch Belted cattle. This gathering was hosted by Keyes Brook Farm, Deansboro, NY and Heamour Farm, Madison, NY
The aim of the gathering was to consider ways in which to analyze your cattle and to use your analysis to improve your herd. The analysis is intended to help breeders to better understand breed standards and how animals conform to them.
The program consisted of
  • A presentation of analytical tools and their significance
  • An analysis of Milking Devon cattle (a triple purpose breed)
  • An analysis of Kerry and Ayrshire cattle (two dairy breeds)
Tim Baumgartner Tim Baumgartner, is an Animal Analysis Associates (aAa) analyzer, from Oakdale, California. He assists breeders throughout the US and two provinces of Canada. Tim writes for Holstein World. He is author of "Legends of the Tanbark Trail". Prior to working for aAa, he was employed by Semex as manager of their genetic mating program. Some information about the aAa method of analysis is available at

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